Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Great New Sewing Chair

Bernina has come out with a wonderful new sewing chair.  When I was at All Stitched Up in farmington Michigan to have my Bernina cleaned, I spotted this beautiful thing.  It is very comfortable with many adjustable controls. And of course it comes in Bernina red!  To see a video of how it works just click here.
I have a terrible time with my back and hip if I sew for a long time.  But I certainly don't just buy something like this for myself without some planning.  Tonight, though, my sweetie told me there is one waiting for me when I pick up my machine on Friday.  Happy Valentines Day!!  Can't wait!! I will let you know how I like it.

Friday, January 15, 2010

An Old Favorite Still Going Strong

A friend, Barb Lusk just finished the Hip to Bee Square pattern. She was very happy with the ease of assembly and the final outcome. Here's a photo of the quilt.

She did a lovely job. The fabrics are beautiful. And so is the quilting. Just thought you would enjoy seeing her quilt.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Life, New Quilt

As I write this, I am reflecting on the past year. You are probably wondering where the heck I've been. And that is valid. I have been somewhat off the radar.
Just over a year ago, I left my marriage of 21 years. With both the kids grown and out of high school, It was time. And it was the best thing I have ever done for myself. But it has taken me this long to get it back together and get back to work. Adjustments are hard on the creative mind.
In October I had major surgery. It was the second best thing I have ever done for myself. You women out there can probably guess what I had done. Whew! Glad that's over. lol

So, now that I have most of my studio moved to my new home in the city, I have started working again. It's wonderful to be creative and busy. I have missed it.

Above are snippets of the new quilt I'm working on. This is gonna be a fun one for those of you who like to do you own thing. Lots of freedom. Stay tuned...