Monday, April 28, 2008

New Friends

This past Saturday I taught a class at Mabelena's quilt shop in my town. This was the first time I taught my new pattern, Hole In The Wall. Teaching a pattern for the first time is always a nervous time for me. I love to get the feed back on the pattern. But I HATE it if we find a typo or error. It's a real "cringe" moment for me, no matter how small the error is. Because I have my patterns tested before they are published, it's rare to find a real error in the pattern. Usually it's a typo or missed letter, etc. Still, I feel foolish if we find one. My patterns are like my children, they are a reflection on me when I send them out in the world. So, this class was no different. We found a small typo. Shoot. Darn. Cringe. Seems 7 rows of 7 blocks equals 49 blocks, not 48. Who knew?

We did have a blast in class. There were four students of varying skill levels. A small class leaves lots of time to get to know each other. And this was a great group. I feel I have made four new friends. I really do have the best job in the world.

Here's a photo of one of the finished tops. Isn't it gorgeous? I love the fabrics Dayna Hughes of Davison Michigan used. What do you think?

Remember, any time you make one of my quilt patterns, send me a photo. I will put it on the blog with your name. I love to see what you are doing out there, so send 'em in!


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