Saturday, April 12, 2008

You'll find Me Here

Well, this is my first post. I thought you might enjoy seeing where I sew. I used to be in the basement. The dark damp unfinished basement. Then I gradually moved into the living room. Last summer I decided to just move all of the living room furniture out and take over completely. And I got away with it. I'm still not sure how I got away with it...

Doesn’t it look nice? Clean huh? Yeah, it’s always like that........NOT!

Here’s the other side of the room. And that’s Rocky sticking his head in.

This is my cutting table. It’s really a kitchen table that has been raised to a comfortable height. I love my cutting table. My Dad made it for me.

This is where I write my patterns. And play Peggle. Don’t ask.

This is where I store my fabric (most of it) and quilts.

Here it is with the curtain off. I keep those curtains on there to protect my fabric from the light. The shelves are wire and very strong. I could get even more fabric in there...

Here’s my printer. If you have one of my patterns, it was printed here.

And this is Rocky. Even though he thinks he is human, he is really a Yorkie/Jack Russell mix. You will hear much more about this little guy in later posts.


Celine Perkins said...

Hi Amy,
I love your studio space and congrats on getting away with it! I got away with taking over the dining room and moving the fabric into the china cupboard.

Celine Perkins

Colleen said...

Not sure if I'm doing this correct. any way love the quilt room, your so orginized. Cant wait to see you in May. I should have my quilt from the last class i took with you done. Rocky is a doll. I have a yorkie named Izzy. She runs the house. Oh did I tell you I moved 2 hours south of paducah. Im in Lexington Tennessee, Just bought 75 acres in Beachbluff TN. If you remember the farm in Rose City, Its a lot like that. Talk to ya soon

janet clare said...

welcome to blogging- you'll love it!
I have a blog too and am a quilting designer (how I found you in fact!) go and take a look!

Feather on a Wire said...

What a super space, welcome to the world of blogging,

Robin Hrabik said...

Love your room! I'm still stuck in the basement, so I envy all of your windows! I might have to show this to my husband, and see if I can move out all of the furniture and "take over" like you did! LOL

Robin Hrabik

Katrina said...

Welcome to the blogo-sphere! Your sewing studio looks great and very well organized. I took over my husband's office and made him move into the MUCH smaller room upstairs LOL! We quilters need a lot of space :)