Friday, August 1, 2008

The Aftermath

If you have ever had a fire you know the terror we felt Tuesday morning. I woke to the smoke alarm and a house filled with toxic smoke and fumes. In my confusion, I actually tried to put it out before I realized how dangerous it was and that I needed to get everyone out and call 911.

We live in a small town with a volunteer fire department. I think they ALL showed up to put out the fire. Bless them all. They did a great job.

The fire itself was confined to the laundry area of our basement. But since the central air was on, the smoke was moved through the house. Everything we own is now covered with a layer of black soot.

The fire marshall was summoned to determine the cause of the fire. Seems it was faulty wiring on a water pump.

All I can say is thank goodness for smoke detectors and volunteer firefighters.

Now many of you have asked about my quilts and fabric. I am happy to say they all made it through safely. On the other hand, many of our clothes were destroyed. Darn, we will have to buy new.

One thing I learned about myself during the fire: I am willing to risk my life to return to a burning house to retrieve my bra. No one was gonna see me without it. Please don't try this at home. Even the risk of frightening the firefighters away by the site of me without my undergarments is no reason to risk my life. I think.


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